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They’re the hands of a seasoned auto service veteran… the expert hands of Big O Tires Surrey owner Tino Viani. Tino is sort of a legend around these parts. He’s been in ‘the business’ for as long as anyone can remember and he’s seen and fixed it all! Many of his customers are second and even third generation patrons of the Surrey Big O shop. You’d think after all these years, Tino would start to slow down, but then you wouldn’t know Tino. On any given day, you’ll see him working away with his team as he’s been doing for five decades. Tino and the team at Big O have been living and working in the community of Surrey for fifty years. It’s their home and that means every customer is a neighbour! Being your ‘Hometeam’ means not just working here, but supporting the local community in every way we can too, whether that’s standing behind local causes that help the people who live here, or doing business with other local companies whenever we can. This isn’t just another service centre. Tino and the team are working hard in Surrey to be home for all your auto service needs, so we’ll continue to work hard to be your hometeam!


  • "Tino and his team have always been there whenever I've needed them. They always greet customers with a smile, no matter how busy they are and their work is top notch."

    Bill W.
  • "Tino and the Big O Surrey team are the only people I'd trust with my vehicle"

    Jeremy P.
  • "The guys at Big O in Surrey are the only people I see when I need tires or need to get my car fixed or tuned up. They're like comfort food for auto repair! They know their stuff and they always do a great job."

    Allison E.
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